Flat Feet

What are FLAT FEET ?

The term flat feet (fallen arches) is very diverse and includes numerous conditions of flat feet. It is estimated that one in five people in Britain is effected by one or the other type of flat feet conditions. But, Not everyone need off the shelf insole. We strongly recommend bio mechanical assessment before using any type of Insoles. Using a wrong Insole may worsen the condition and can have significant impact over knee, hip and lower back.
Good arches provide support to hold the body weight, provide stability and allow smooth gait. Any deformation to the feet arches can lead to collapsed foot structure, less stability, fatigue after walk even for short distances, sever pain in the middle of the foot and can cause pain in knees, hip and lower back.
Flat feet can be hereditary and may be running in the family. They may also results from injury to bones and tendons, sometimes caused by illnesses i.e. foot arthritis, diabetes and neuro muscular diseases.

Collapsed (fallen arch)

Normal foot arch

A Custom Made Insoles incorporates targeted specific deformation to correct and maintain the foot posture to neutral position as required naturally.