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Flat Foot

The term flat feet (fallen arches) is very diverse and includes numerous conditions of flat feet. It is estimated that one in five people in Britain is effected by one or the other type of flat feet conditions. But, Not everyone need off the shelf insole. We strongly recommend bio mechanical assessment before using any type of Insoles. Using a wrong Insole may worsen the condition and can have significant impact over knee, hip and lower back. Read more

High Arches

Feet with abnormally high arches is a condition when arches do not get even or tends to flat when loaded during gait. This allows foot to bear most of the body weight on the outside border of the foot and on the metatarsals bones causing discomfort and painful gait. Read more

Plantar fasciitis

Planter Fasciitis is one of the most common heel pain conditions. About 10-12% of people will suffer planter fasciitis once in their lives. It results from inflammation of the planter fascia which is a thick band under the sole running from heel to toes. Read more

Heel spur

Heel spur (Calcaneal spur) is a calcium deposit that is build up and caused by excessive stress at the heel area. Heel spur is often associated with inflammation process causing planter fasciitis. Repetitive stress and stretching of foot muscles and ligaments can cause heel spur. Read more


Metatarsalgia is caused by high impact activities, wearing poorly fitting tight or high heeled shoes and other medical conditions causing neurological changes in the feet i.e. diabetes, arthritis, gout and Morton’s Neuroma. Read more